Milestones are important to any business because they represent a story or journey. Below you will find a few important milestones that I believe represent who Lee Malveaux is and our story.

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Grief Transformed Into Legacy

When I was a young boy, my grandmother Margaret always struck me as a great leader. She possessed an unrivaled amount of wisdom and compassion for those around her, which made it easy to follow her influence. She passed away in 2016 after battling cancer, but not before leaving me an inspiring legacy that has helped shape the way I lead today, and the reason why I decided to start Lee Malveaux.

Our belief system based on love over profit
(or anything else), This firm is deeply rooted in rich legacy, continuing what Margaret started by helping businesses maximize their greatest resource
their people! 


Moving On Up

My career really began to take off around this time while working for one of the largest healthcare organizations in America. Here is where I received the opportunity to coach and train leaders of multi-million dollar enterprises, along with some of the most brilliant minds in medicine.

Working in this environment provided me with an incredible experience, and is where my creativity began to thrive. It was here that I first cultivated a knack for solving complex people and performance challenges across all industries through creative strategy and solutions.


Navigating The Storm

The pandemic left its mark on us all, but there
was a silver lining that raised from this tough time. In the face of adversity, we rediscovered people. One of the many things we learned during these hard times were lessons regarding people strategy and solutions, particularly for the small to
midsized businesses.

During this time we pivoted our attention towards these businesses who were looking to survive in an increasingly competitive market with limited resources available towards talent management and people nurturing.


Growth. Value. Expansion.

Today, Lee Malveaux is expanding! Years of experience has allowed me to become a trusted resource for business leaders. Lee Malveaux is proud to be a certified minority-owned business, serving both small and large companies alike. The opportunity of being able to serve more businesses has come at just the right time. This will help us grow even better resources, strategies and solutions for our clients.

Author, Executive Leader, Organizational Psychologist



Healthcare Executive Director

“Joshua is an exceptionally talented leader and a gifted communicator. I have had the blessing of working with Joshua for over 7 years and have observed him work…”

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Dr. Nystrom

Medical Group

“I highly recommend Joshua Washington as a consultant. He helps both as an expert in patient communication, but also as an expert in office flow and organization. Joshua…”

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Owner/CEO Kikstarter

“It was truly a pleasure working with Joshua. Not only is he personable and able to relate with any team; he also has a way of bringing out the best in a team, leveraging their…”

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