Consumer Experience


Every facet of your business impacts your consumer’s experience. The leaders of  experience at your business are your first impression team, supervisors, and managers. Consumer experience is the sustaining power of an organization, therefore it is imperative that your team is equipped with the necessary skillsets to deliver an exceptional consumer experience, every time! Yes, every time! That’s the difference between businesses who rate top-quartile in experience, and others.

Lee Malveaux will help your business take the guessing out of your experience strategy by providing an evidenced based approach that will enhance your consumer loyalty. Contact Lee Malveaux today and let us help you develop a top performing experience!

Key Benefits

  • Develop an evidence-based consumer experience strategy based on your consumers
  • Increased lead generation and consumer conversion rates
  • Learn the consumer loyalty formula and keep your customers
  • Reduce cost of marketing and acquisition cost by achieving a consistent service experience
  • Enhance consumer conversions, engagement and acquisition
  • Improve employee performance and process effectiveness
  • Identify the signature moments within your consumers experience and deliver an experience that represents your brand
  • Learn how to provide exemplary customer service, including strategies for promptly responding to the needs and concerns of customers
  • Ensure your talent exceeds expectations by removing discretion with high performance scripting and systemized procedures of action
  • Managers and supervisors will enhance skill-sets in consumer experience assessment ability and consumer centered solutions
  • Learn employee coaching techniques that lead to world-class customer service.

What is Consumer Experience?

Consumer experience is defined by a consumers perception of service during each interaction point with your business. Think about all the interaction points involved in the consumer journey, from the time they become aware of your service, to the moment they experience your team, website, products, workflow, communication, responsiveness and more. All of these elements define the consumer experience. We have an extensive track record with helping businesses shape an excellent consumer experience.  Schedule a free consult today!

Impact on your bottom-line?

Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.

Impact on your team?

Companies with initiatives to improve their customer experience see employee engagement increase by 20% on average.

Impact on your reputation?

Customers tell an average of nine people about a positive experience with a brand, but they tell 16 people about a negative experience.

What's Your Consumer Experience Plan?

Part of our role as Industrial and Organizational Psychologist involves studying the behavior of consumers across industries. One consistent fact we’ve discovered through research of the past 5 years, is that companies without a successful consumer experience plan are failing at an incredible rate. Consumer experience has fast become a top priority for businesses, and this will remain the case for the foreseeable future. The folks at Super Office conducted a survey recently asking over 1,900 business professionals to share their number one priority for the next 5 years. The results? Customer experience (or CX) came in first with close to 50% of companies reporting consumer experience as their top priority. Of this sample group companies reported an exceptional increase in earnings as a result of their consumer experience plan. Studies have proven that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great consumer experience. Companies can no longer afford to survive without a solid consumer experience approach. We’ve done the research and have developed an evidence-based approach to develop a consumer experience plan customized to your business. Our approach involves:

  • Assessing your current consumer experience as industry experts
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities to enhance your consumer experience
  • Facilitating service planning sessions with your team
  • Training your team and leaders on what works, saving you time and resources
  • Measuring effectiveness of new experience plan
  • Developing a measurement system for sustained success
  • And much more!

Don’t be one of the organizations left behind due to a complete neglect of their consumer voice. Developing a plan that engages your team and galvanizes your leaders can be an overwhelming experience in itself. Let us help you and your business thrive in today’s market, schedule a free consult today and let’s talk about your plan!