Our Why

Who We Are

Organizational psychologist specialized in applying evidence based strategies, that maximize workforce leader development, consumer experience and revenue acceleration!

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the value and untapped potential within people. We coach business leaders, simplifying evidence based strategies that maximize workforce talent, formulate consumer loyalty, and quantify hidden revenue increases.

Our Vision

Be Like Margret! Serve, Honor, and Lead!

Providing Solutions for Growing Your Business


Every organization wants to build a strong business that can stand the test of time and inspire long lasting commitments from customers. So why isn’t every organization accomplishing this goal? Here’s the secret, at the core of every unhappy customer population, typically lies a group of equally unhappy organizational leaders and teams. With more than half of today’s workforce actively disengaged, it is critical that organizations find ways to honor the value and untapped potential within their people. Lee Malveaux was created as a resource helping businesses maximize workforce talent, formulate their consumer loyalty and quantify the hidden revenue areas that most businesses aren’t accessing. We do this by customizing strategies and solutions to fit your people and grow your business.

What Makes Us Successful

Client Centric

Our belief is that our clients are the experts! Our job is to help formulate this expertise into valuable solutions to current organizational challenges. This is why we customize each strategy to the client; no one size fits all practices here!

Organizational Psychologist

Industrial Organizational Psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems in the workplace, improving the quality of workplace environments. By studying an organizations productivity, management, and employee working styles, we get a feel for the morale and personality of the organization. This allows for a collaborative approach to developing a successful plan for the future.

Value Driven

If we don’t believe we can add value to your organization, we won’t bring you on as a client. This simple rule of thumb ensures that we don’t waste our clients time. If we determine that your needs exceed our capacity, we will simply say so, preventing you from wasting your investment.

Dream Team

We formulate each team of strategist based on project need and expertise. This approach allows us to keep your cost down, while providing you with some of the best consultants, trainers, and coaches the industry has to offer. Think of this group as the dream team, offering years of experience from different sectors of the business world that will greatly benefit your organization.